There are hundreds of unique and wonderful places in Europe that requires your attention. This time I’m talking about the Baltic countries and one of them in particular – Latvia. Its largest city and also the capital – Riga – could be your perfect weekend destination. For me, Riga is somehow cosy with its small, twisty streets.

I often use TripAdvisor when travelling – it provides some useful information about certain places and I like to visit them, experience from my point of view. Of course, I give some feedback as well.

Some tips for travellers who decide to spend their time in this beautiful city 🙂

Places to visit:

  1. Latvian National Opera. I admired Romeo and Juliette ballet last spring. It was a treat for our eyes, ears and soul. I heard not only ballet troupe is famous but its operas also. Even if you’re not planning to go see an opera or ballet- this attraction is worth seeing! There is a nice surroundings with a fountain and gardens.
  2. Freedom Monument. Built in honor of soldiers who died during the Latvian War of Independence. Monuments like these always make you think about the history.
  3. St. Peter’s Church. Seems to be the tallest church in Riga. It sure can impress you with its interior or height. Its tower can be seen from many parts of the city. If you choose to visit the tower, you will get amazing panoramic view.
  4. National Library. Modern and quite stunning building located by the river. You should at least stop and take a look but I suggest you go inside as well. Of course, book lovers will love this place 🙂 But there are some great panoramic views of the oldtown too.
  5. Latvian Academy of Sciences, more like the top floor of it. You will get wonderful 360° panorama of the city – all directions. It fits a lot of people. 

As it was only a weekend getaway, we visited not so many cafes but I could point out at least a few:

  1. Restaurant Domini Canes. Great menu, friendly staff. We had some delicious pasta here. Desserts are worth a try – big attention to the details 🙂
    Address: Skārņu street 18/20

  2. Restaurant Locale. It was an evening stop with our friends. We had a great time there and the menu was quite versatile – all in all, food was delicious, lasagne, different types of pasta, desserts are made with love. In addition, there was live music and that really created the atmosphere.
    Address: Grēcinieku street 8


Although it’s not a complete review of Riga (because I will go there in the future for sure) but I definitely recommend Riga as a nice city if you are visiting Baltic countries.

Stay tuned,


4 thoughts on “Weekend getaway to RIGA, Latvia

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